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Publisher: Codemasters | Developer: Blue Omega Entertainment
Category: Action
Release Date: 05/22/2009
ESRB Rating: Mature [Blood and Gore. Language. Violence]
Info -> In Damnation players assume the role of hero Captain Hamilton Rourke as he embarks on an epic journey to reveal the sinister truth behind Prescott Standard Industries, led by industrialist magnate W.D. Prescott. Together with his fellow Peacemakers, Rourke will engage in high-octane gun battles against hordes of drug-enhanced soldiers and steam-powered mechanical monsters to save the country from Damnation.

Damnation’s single player mode also features split-screen, drop-in-drop-out co-operative gameplay through all of its large-scale levels with magnificent landscapes, each with up to three hours of streaming gameplay and thousands of vertical feet to explore. These stunning open environments provide the backdrop for the frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics and vehicle based stunts that power Damnation’s exhilarating, fresh and revolutionary gameplay.

Minimum PC System Requirements

PC Processor Type: Intel® Pentium® processor, AMD processor
Processor Speed: 2.8GHz
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 10GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI RADEON X1300 video card
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card
Drive Type and Speed: DVD-ROM

Features :
* Huge Scale - With vast, streaming environments, Damnation’s levels are truly organic 3D spaces that cover miles of horizontal distance and thousands of vertical feet. Players choose from multiple paths and tactics in gigantic landscapes that unfold in all three dimensions. Using exhilarating combinations of swift, flowing movement and combat, players will be faced with frenetic all-action attacks that can come from any direction.
* Player Choice and Freedom - It could take up to three hours in real-time travel to get from one end to the other and another three hours to climb to the top. But with acrobatics and vehicles, players are able to get their own routes, as they look at the massive map ahead, above and below them.
* “Spirit Vision” - Players can activate the hero’s “Spirit Vision” power to see through walls and anticipate the enemy’s movements.
* Daredevil Stunts – Players perform stunning moves at the limits of human ability to jump between ledges, swing on ropes and chains, and traverse vertical surfaces. Zip, slide, vault, shinny, swing and jump through the environment with intelligent AI attacking from all sides, above and below.
* Multiplayer – Play through the entire singleplayer campaign in co-op or take it to the next level online with multiplayer. Experience action and tactics in vertical environments with fully enabled “Spirit Vision.”

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abdullah said...

hi, where is the download link it wont work
it just showing an image instead!!
thanks alot..

[ ADMIN ] said...

@ abdullah- download link fixed

@ Dasey-

the files in d mediafire folder till number 39 are numbered correctly...

change the second 39 file to 40, next to 41, and d last one to 42..

then unrar..

it should work..

somu said...

8 and 21 files are not working

Anonymous said...

part 8 and 21 is corrupted, with do all my respect your blog is not reliable, that's the fifth time i download something from your blog and it didnt work like the movie angels and demones when i reached the 12th part it disapeared suddenely and you didnt care about it when we tells you, so this is the last time ever i enter your blog.

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