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To Lock a folder in windows XP without any software. Follow the steps Below.

  1. Make a Folder in C drive rename it as "abc" without quotes.
  2. Now open Command Prompt from Start Menu.
  3. Type "attrib +s +h C:\abc" without quotes and press enter.
  4. This command will Make your folder invisble and it can not be seen even in hidden files and folders
  5. To make it visible again type "attrib -s -h C:\abc"
  6. You can lock any other folder also by changing the location C:\abc to address of your folder.

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Vishnu said...

hey admin, thanks for the tip, but i guess it just makes the folder hidden and unsearchable; its' still visible in the explorer view. How do you make the folder disappear from that view too ?

Anonymous said...


xclipze said...

It Works!=)

amin said...

cool dude!!!


Maverick said...

The command,
attrib +h +s "c:\abc"
will only make the folder 'abc' a system file which will be hidden only. If you have the option "Show Hidden Files" under Folder Options, the folder will be clearly visible and accessible.

Heres what you should do along with using the above command,

For Windows 98 type the following command,
ren "c:\abc" Alt+1982
Here we are basically renaming the folder to an ASCII value which makes the folder inaccessible in Window 98. The Alt+1982 means press the Alt key and type 1982 number but from the numpad on the right on the keyboard. This will not work by pressing the numbers from the numpad at the top.

Now this will also not work in Windows XP or Vista etc since these OS can recognize the ASCII values. So we will need to take a little different route here. Please see the below steps.

For Win XP/Vista, use the following command after using the attrib command to make the folder inaccessible,
cacls "c:\abc" /d users
Here we are actually setting the access policy for the folder. The /d users command denies access to the folder for all users.

Now to make the folder accessible type the following command,
cacls "c:\abc" /g users:f
This will add full access for the folder.

Hope this helps.

gits said...

it is seen in hidden files...
while opening...
it's can't works..
give me the reason..

vaibhav said...

hey man
it is more better
make any new folder (right click any where on the desktop and make a new folder)
rename it
just follow dis step
noe new folder will be in blue
and start typing
press "alt" 0160 without any space (in xp_)
"alt" 225 without space (in vista_)
dis will rename invisible
now right click on that folder ->properties->customize-> change icon -> move forward in the icon list u will see a invisible icon select it .
and ok its done.

Anonymous said...

hey the tip provided by vaibhav is better

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