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Alright Ladies And Hostile Men, Were Gonna Learn How To Disable The Timer On The Computers On In Internet Cafe's.
Alright Create A New Text Document, Then Type CMD In It, And Then Save It As a Batch File, And Then Run The New Batch File On Your Desktop. Then Command Prompt Should Open, Now You Type "cd\windows" to change the directory to Windows, than type in "regedit" to get to the registry editor gui, than navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Appevents>software>classes> micr osoft>windows>current version>internet settings>policies>system" then on the right pane where it says Disable Taskmanager, right click on it, and scroll down to modify, and then change the value of it to "0", and then open Windows Task Manager By Holding Down These Keys, "CTRL+ALT+DEL/DELETE" And Then Disable The Internet Cafe's Timer, And WoohLAH, UNLIMTED TIME.


Anonymous said...

how to save it as a patch file
plzzzzz answer

Anonymous said...

Go to File > Save As... and chose a file name.
Choose your desktop as the location to save, for now. Don't click Save just yet.
Click on the dropdown menu next to "File name". Select "All files" instead of Text Document".
Add .bat to the end of your file name before you save. For example, you would type example.bat.
Click on Save. If you did this correctly, you should see your file name in the title of Windows Notepad. Make sure that it reads as example.bat—not example.bat.txt. Now you are ready to create your batch file.

Anonymous said...

nothing will work in reliance webworld

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