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1 Elevator Trick

Tired of being on an elevator and someone else gets on every floor you go down to?

Well I was also, until I found out you could skip the floors that people would like to get on at. This is a really simple trick to do just to let you readers know.

Okay, the only thing you need to do is press down the close door button, and the floor you would like to go to at the same time.

Then it should skip all the floors that people want to get on and go straight to your floor that you would like to get off on. This can also piss some people off I would imagine. This trick has also worked on all the office elevators tried so far.

it works the easiest on:
Otis Elevators
Dover Elevators
And Most Desert Elevators
So have fun


Anonymous said...

what the fuck im dead doing this trick,im now from hospital ,the elevator got broked

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